Motto of the Day


For someone who has not been active in advertising for over 2 decades, David Ogilvy is still incredibly relevant. Actually, some of his already incredible famous sayings ring more and more true each day. He is definitely one of our favorites at the studio. We admire his dry humor, quick wit and of course, brilliance.

As the father of advertising, he was dedicated to delivering results for clients. He believed in brands and making them shine. That’s right; not making his creative shine but the product (or service) itself.

He was so dedicated to this motto that he did not allow new recruits to even use the word “creative” to describe their functions in the agency.

We agree with Mr. Ogilvy that the objective of advertising is to sell the product/service. If it does not do that, then the advertisement is simply a failure, no matter how “creative” it might be.

In the age of of the “disruption” culture where spectacle for the spectacle’s sake is becoming more and more common place, we find this motto even more important to keep in mind every step of the way.

While we love art and creativity, our goal everyday in approaching, connecting and designing every single asset is to ensure that we help sell the product. We do this by thinking of the demographic, the individual personas, the markets. Of course, the the optimal strategy is to help sell the product with a creative approach. The aim is to use the creative to highlight the product- not obscure it behind a lot of noise (no matter how much fun it might be).

Thank you, Mr. Ogilvy and here’s to more creative that always helps sell the product (while creating moments of delight, of course!)