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Desktop Wallpaper Series: V.1


As designers, we believe creating desktop and mobile wallpapers is a great way to perfect our craft and explore new and fun techniques.  We are happy to introduce the P&P Studio Desktop Wallpaper Series, in which we will be sharing new designs and images for you to enjoy on your own devices.

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iPhone 6



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By P & P Studio
Art of the Menu

We are so proud and excited to see our work featured on Art of the Menu.

Art of the Menu is one of our go-to-resources for inspiration and always offers respite from long days. A division of UnderConsideration, it is dedicated to cataloguing the underrated creativity of menus from around the world.

We believe that restaurant menus have to be creative (we want the guests to be inspired as soon as they see & touch the menu) and reflective of the overall style and feel of the restaurant. We also always like it when they foreshadow what the kitchen is going to be bringing to the table (literally).

More importantly, menus have to be functional while being inspiring and creative. They are not just design elements but are arguably one of the most fundamental assets the restaurant offers its guests. After all, they essentially sum the entire raison d’être of the restaurant to the guest. That’s why they are a true depiction of “form follows function”. 

In designing the menus for Pera Soho, we had to ensure that we presented the restaurant’s breadth of delicious offerings in a clean, easy to understand format. Of course, that was just the first “mandatory.” We also wanted them to reflect the design aesthetic of the restaurant we helped form while working on its re-branding (along with the incredibly talented and always awe inspiring Hecho Inc. who handled all architectural + custom millwork components of the rebranding).

The other fundamental “mandatory” was that these menus be in a format that can be printed in house. Easily and efficiently. After all, a restaurant has to always have menus, have them look pristine and be able to produce them quickly and cost effectively.

With these factors in mind and after reviewing the capabilities of the in house printer, we decided on the card stock and paper size.

The in-house menus are multiple so we had the chance to create different menus for: wine, happy hour & bar, rooftop and for private events. 

It was particularly interesting to then extend the brand aesthetic to the design of Pera Soho’s Take-out and Delivery menus a year later. When the restaurant launched their delivery program, we had the pleasure to work on all the components of this initiative; from menu design to the bags and the napkin rings. 

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By P & P Studio
IBE Retrospective

This past Summer, our Creative Director Lance Pilgrim had the privilege of curating a walk through retrospective for the international music and culture festival, The Notorious IBE.
Check out the gallery above, and view the full timeline after the “read more”. 

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By P & P Studio
Studio Must-Haves: Lance Pilgrim


Here our Creative Director Lance Pilgrim provides us with a quick glimpse at some of his everyday favorites. 

With passion for art and design being at the core of his character, his style and personal aesthetics manifest themselves in what he keeps in his bag on a daily basis. 

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By P & P Studio
What’s in a label?

We believe it’s important to come to work looking forward to it and feeling excited for the day that’s ahead of you.

We all do that here by having a smart and strategic approach to our projects and having fun along the way.

Through these fun moments, we find our mission and vision on a daily basis. Our Maker’s Mark label was just one of those that was born in a moment of group think!

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By P & P Studio
Latinos Break the Mold


We are so proud to see our partner and production director Miguel Sierra featured in Huffington Post.

Since I grew up in Colombia, the fact of being Latino was something that never crossed my mind. However, after moving to the U.S. as a young man, I think I became aware of some differences we have compared to other cultures — like for instance, I never realized how loud we as Latinos might get.”

Read the whole article here.

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By P & P Studio