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Our Creative Director Featured on Reed Space

We are so proud to share that our Creative Director Lance Pilgrim was featured on the Reed Space’s NYC Artist Spotlight.

Reed Space is dedicated to creative culture featuring anything from art to independent fashion, from sneakers to publication from music to accessories and more.

Check out Reed Space for the full post—in the meanwhile, here are some tidbits from Lance:

There is no such thing as mediocrity if you put all of your all into everything. 

The cool thing about being a designer and an artist in general is that there no limitations to what you can do.

Of course, the agency dog Whiskey was also featured in the post because, he is just that adorable!

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By P & P Studio
Guerilla Pokemon NYC Shrines

The diabolical duo behind the #FakeBanksy art prank are at it again.

Continuing their tradition of poking fun at the cultural zeitgeist and the obsessive nature of social trends, their latest subject is none other than Pokemon GO.  

Hitting the streets of NYC, our creative director Lance Pilgrim, and his longtime partner in crime Dave Cicerelli set out to create street vigils for fallen Pokemon “victims” at Pokemon GO gym locations throughout the city, and WIRED Magazine was there every step of the way to see what they had in store.  The Pokemon GO craze continues and now people are taking to the streets to put up their own shrines for their fallen Pokemon. Remember they evolve into angels next! #RIPokemon

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By P & P Studio
IBE Retrospective

This past Summer, our Creative Director Lance Pilgrim had the privilege of curating a walk through retrospective for the international music and culture festival, The Notorious IBE.
Check out the gallery above, and view the full timeline after the “read more”. 

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By P & P Studio