Coca-Cola’s Campaign Reminds Us of Something


Earlier this month Coca-Cola revealed it’s new “Taste the Feeling” campaign. In an effort to shift the focus back to the product itself, Coca-Cola places the product in “universal”, relatable situations and used fashion photographers Guy Aroch and Nacho Ricci to capture these candid moments in an organic way. 

When we first saw the print ads for this new campaign, we immediately felt something was overwhelmingly familiar about them. Then in dawned on us: these all remind us of cigarette ads from the past; ranging from the late 60’s to the 80s, to be specific.

In their effort to create these fun, sensual ads that places Coke at the center and appeal to millennials, they (knowingly or unknowingly- we cannot say, of course!) created imagery that looks and feels the same as past cigarette ad campaigns.  

The tactic of the “youth having fun” with product was heavily used by cigarette brands like Newport, Salem, Winston and Camel to entice the younger market.  

Take a look at some of the side by side comparisons. 








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By P & P Studio