The joys of a small agency

We are a small agency. Notice how we did not say “boutique” agency but “small” instead? That’s because we do not have a Napoleon complex.

We are not a small agency that wants to be “just like big agencies”- we embrace our size. We are proud to be a small shop.

In this era where the gargantuan global agencies talk about acting like small agencies, we can actually be one. It is fun for us. More importantly, our clients appreciate partnering with us because of our size, not despite it.

Why? Quite simply the reason boils down to our commitment. This commitment reverberates through all our groups and each one of our team members. Here at P&P Studio, it is not just the partners that strive to exceed expectations- the dedication comes from everyone. This unwavering dedication is what differentiates us.

We don’t have anything bad to say about big agencies. Big agencies can be awesome.

It’s just that our mindset is different. We recognize and welcome the fact that the days of having eight weeks to conceptualize are over. While process and framework still matter, timetables are just not what they used to be.  Instead of complaining about this, we understand that companies need to move faster. That’s why our clients praise us on our nimbleness and agility.

Of course, we work hard to have a successful infrastructure to make it happen. Otherwise, the agile mindset does not get you anywhere. We offer nimble solutions while remaining thoughtful and considering each possible angle.

We work hard. All of us. Each and every day. That’s why our clients always feel that feel like they are working with a huge team on their side. They really do because everyone at our shop works for them 100% of the time. From the intern who is researching apps on the weekends for our app project to the graphic designer who dedicates his personal hours to do market research, we are all committed to our clients.

One of the cliched agency buzzwords is “being partners with our clients”. How often do agencies really act as the clients’ partners?

Nothing makes us happier than anticipating our clients’ needs and offer solutions for them before they even make the request. We feel that all our clients are our partners so being proactive only feels natural to us. That’s why we love to delight by giving them a turn around time that they thought was going to be impossible. More importantly, we love to delight them by our solutions that drive results.

Here is to our clients and our passion for them!

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By P & P Studio