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January 2016

Coca-Cola’s Campaign Reminds Us of Something

Coca-Cola’s Campaign Reminds Us of Something 1080 489 P & P Studio

Earlier this month Coca-Cola revealed it’s new “Taste the Feeling” campaign. In an effort to shift the focus back to the product itself, Coca-Cola places the product in “universal”, relatable…

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Desktop Wallpaper Series: V.1

Desktop Wallpaper Series: V.1 5120 2880 P & P Studio

As designers, we believe creating desktop and mobile wallpapers is a great way to perfect our craft and explore new and fun techniques.  We are happy to introduce the P&P…

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Art of the Menu

Art of the Menu 900 613 P & P Studio

We are so proud and excited to see our work featured on Art of the Menu. Art of the Menu is one of our go-to-resources for inspiration and always offers respite…

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