From the Studio

NYC is our home

NYC is our home 5120 2880 P & P Studio

As Passion & Poison Studio, we are proud to be a team that lives, works and breathes NYC. Being a diverse, passionate studio that includes different backgrounds and nationalities, we…

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Music is the Message: Vinyl Cover Art

Music is the Message: Vinyl Cover Art 2560 1342 P & P Studio

With SXSW around the corner, everyone is talking about the “Vinyl Revival”.  Vinyl sales have steady been on the rise for the last 10 years, accounting for 24% of all…

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Desktop Wallpaper Series: V.1

Desktop Wallpaper Series: V.1 5120 2880 P & P Studio

As designers, we believe creating desktop and mobile wallpapers is a great way to perfect our craft and explore new and fun techniques.  We are happy to introduce the P&P…

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Studio Must-Haves: Lance Pilgrim

Studio Must-Haves: Lance Pilgrim 1920 1519 P & P Studio

Here our Creative Director Lance Pilgrim provides us with a quick glimpse at some of his everyday favorites. With passion for art and design being at the core of his character,…

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What’s in a label?

What’s in a label? 2448 2448 P & P Studio

We believe it’s important to come to work looking forward to it and feeling excited for the day that’s ahead of you. We all do that here by having a smart…

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